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2023 Golf Ontario Provincial Level Rules of Golf Program Announced

Looking to become a referee at a Provincial or National championship? Or are you a club professional ready to take on a rules matter at a club event? Instructed by a nationally certified Golf Canada Rules Referee, Golf Ontario’s Provincial Level Rules of Golf Program takes an in-depth look at the concepts, procedures and outcomes that are part of today’s game in a more intuitive and easier to learn format.

The program will examine the use of the Clarifications that are found in the updated 2023 Official Guide to the Rules of Golf book to help better prepare participants for rules situations as a referee or in the pro shop for club events.

The Provincial Level program is designed for PGA professionals, individuals with an involvement in tournament administration or individuals that have a desire to become a Provincial Referee. Provincial Level certification is required for those participants proceeding to the National Level.

The program is broken into two parts:

  1. 10 Preparation Webinars (January to March)

  2. 1 ½ Day Workshop/Exam (End of March)

Participants who achieve a passing grade of 80% on the Provincial Level Rules of Golf exam are eligible to recover travel, hotel and registration costs through the Golf Ontario Volunteer - Rules Certification Expense Policy.

For more information and to register for the Golf Ontario Provincial Level Rules of Golf Program CLICK HERE


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