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NGA Introduces Full Wedge Golf as OFFICIAL 2020 Lifestyle Brand

The Northern Golf Association is proud to introduce Full Wedge Golf as the OFFICIAL 2020 lifestyle brand of the NGA.

Located just north of Toronto in Uxbridge, Full Wedge Golf was started by two avid golfers

who were tired of wearing boring, uncomfortable golf polos.

Full Wedge Golf shirts are designed for full mobility and extreme comfort, allowing you to play at your best. The moisture-wicking, breathable fabric keeps you cool and dry all game long.

“We set out to create a premium quality golf shirt with fresh, unique designs on them that will stand out among the rest. We believe golf should be fun no matter what the course throws at you and we created a shirt that represents that.” - Full Wedge Golf

NGA Director Owen Rigg believes this is an exciting opportunity for the NGA and a great sign of things to come.

"We are extremely excited about this partnership between Full Wedge Golf and the NGA. We are impressed with the level of craftsmanship that the team at Full Wedge Golf produces. We welcome Full Wedge Golf to the NGA family and look forward to working with them!"

You can check out Full Wedge Golf's full lineup HERE


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